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12 Asian Diet Tips & Secrets Only Asian People Know

Healthy Asian diet tips & secrets to help you lose weight fastIt’s no secret that the traditional Asian diet is one of the healthiest diets in the world. If we take a look at the eating habits of populations in east Asian countries like China and Japan, we can notice right away that the people there are rarely overweight, generally in very good health, and tend to live very long lives.

The health benefits of the Asian diet can’t be denied. In fact, research has shown that in addition to being an effective way to lose weight and stay fit, it can also give you younger, healthier-looking skin, improve your mood and energy, prevent illnesses, and much more! But what exactly is it that makes the Asian diet so healthy? Here are some Asian diet tips and secrets that only Asian people tend to know – With these tips and eating habits in mind, you’ll be able to take your health to a whole new level!

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And now I present to you 12 Asian diet tips and secrets:

12 Asian Diet Tips & Secrets


asian diet tips secrets healthy weight loss chinese dumplings

Asian people often eat using small plates and bowls.

Asian Diet Secret #1: Eat using small plates and bowls.

Asian people usually eat from small plates and bowls, and besides being more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, it’s also an extremely simple and effective way to lose weight, because it lets you control your portions much more easily: Finish what’s in your bowl, then decide if you want more. This is a very effective method to help you make sure that you are not overeating.

Asian Diet Secret #2: Cook your meals with just a small amount of vegetable oil.

We all know that eating too much fat and oil is unhealthy and leads to weight gain. However, eating a small amount of fat is necessary as part of a healthy diet. That’s why Asian people usually cook their meals using only a small amount of vegetable oil (which contains healthy, unsaturated fats), and the result is clear: a healthier body and a slimmer waistline.

The type of oil you use is important as well: Canola oil and olive oil are the best choices, and are frequently used in Asian cooking.

asian diet tips secrets healthy weight loss

Asian people are rarely overweight, stay in good health, and live very long lives.

Asian Diet Secret #3: Eat until you are 80% full.

The concept of “eating until you are 80% full, not 100%” is something you will hear often if you travel in Asian countries. This particular eating habit originated in China and is now practiced in many other Asian countries as well. It is an extremely effective mantra for losing weight and staying in shape. Basically, it says that you should never eat until you are 100% completely full, as this can lead to problems with digestion and cause weight gain. If you are the type of person who tends to eat until you can’t take another bite, it may be time to take a step back and start eating a bit less.

Asian diet tips secrets Soup

Asian people love to have hot soup with their meals.

Asian Diet Secret #4: Have hot drinks with your meal, not cold ones.

Do you like to have soda, juice, or a glass of cold water with your meals? If so, you may want to reconsider. Cold drinks slow down your metabolism and digestion, which can lead to weight gain. Having cold drinks with hot meals can also cause gas, bloating and stomachaches.

Hot drinks, on the other hand, speed up metabolism and digestion, and will help you lose weight. Asian people usually have soup, tea, or hot water with their meals, resulting in better digestion and a much more pleasant after-meal experience.

asian diet plan healthy weight loss cucumber chicken recipe

It’s always a good idea to cook your vegetables.

Asian Diet Secret #5: Avoid eating raw vegetables.

Asian people almost always cook their vegetables, and never eat them raw. There are a few reasons for doing this: First, cooking vegetables is important from a sanitary perspective. Raw vegetables contain microorganisms on the surface, which can make you sick if eaten. Cooking vegetables kills these organisms, making them safe to eat. Asian people usually peel their vegetables before cooking too, for an extra measure of safety.

The second reason for why vegetables should be cooked is just as important. Raw vegetables are hard for your body to digest – In fact, eating them will slow down your metabolism, which may lead to weight gain. Cooking vegetables breaks down the tough plant cell walls, and gives your body a much easier time in the digestive process.

Asian Diet Secret #6: Eat a wide variety of grains.

Asian people include both rice and wheat in their diet, but the fun doesn’t stop there, because they tend to eat a wide variety of rice as well. Some examples include short grain rice, long grain rice, jasmine rice, white rice, brown rice, millet, and even black rice and purple rice! Each type of rice has its own nutritional value, so the more variety you eat, the more balanced your diet will be. Rice is an ideal grain to eat because it’s easily digested, so it won’t slow down your metabolism and make you gain weight.

asian diet plan healthy weight loss celery chicken recipe

Meat plays a supporting role in the Asian diet.

Asian Diet Secret #7: Eat less meat.

Most people in Western countries eat way too much meat and not enough vegetables. Eating too much meat (and eggs) leads to high cholesterol and puts you at higher risk for heart disease. But Asians eat 3 times as much vegetables as they do meat, and the result is a slimmer waistline.

Asian Diet Secret #8: Eat the right vegetables (and don’t forget the flavorings!)

Following on the last point, it’s certainly important to eat more vegetables, but eating the right vegetables is just as important. Potatoes, for example, are high in calories and should be eaten in moderation if you’re trying to lose weight. Most vegetables are fine to eat as much as you want, though – Generally you can’t go wrong with leafy green vegetables, and many vegetables when cooked right taste absolutely amazing.

Asian people also often add herbs, spices, and other flavorings to their dish. The 3 most commonly used ingredients are ginger, garlic, and scallion (also known as green onions or spring onions). All three are effective weight loss foods – in addition, they also have antibacterial properties and help remove toxins from your body, so eating them often is a good idea!

Asian Diet Secret #9: Eat less dairy.

Asian people rarely eat dairy. That’s because dairy is actually poorly digested by the human body: It slows down your metabolism, leading to not only weight gain, but also other problems such as skin problems like acne. In general, if you want good health, dairy products should play a minimal role in your diet.

Asian Diet Secret #10: Eat slowly.

Asian people know the importance of taking things slowly, and when it comes to eating habits, it is no exception. Eating slowly has several benefits: First, it helps digestion and results in a more pleasant after-meal experience. And second, eating slowly gives your stomach enough time to send a message to your brain that you’re full, so you’re less likely to overeat. 

Asian Diet Secret #11: Eat fruit as snacks or dessert.

Asian people usually eat fruit as snacks and dessert. Fruit is much healthier, has fewer calories, and is just as sweet and tasty as any other kind of dessert, so you really get the best of both worlds here.

Moo Goo Gai Pan

Most Asian dishes take less than 15 minutes to make, and it’s a lot easier than you think!

Asian Diet Secret #12: Learn to cook a few simple Asian meals.

Asian meals are designed with simplicity and balance in mind, which means that they are very easy to make (most take under 15 minutes), and cooking your own food is much healthier and less expensive than eating out. It feels extremely rewarding to be able to cook your own healthy and delicious meals, and your body will thank you for it too!

These are just 12 Asian diet tips and secrets to help you lose weight, but there are actually many more tricks and secrets that Asian people use in order to slim down and stay healthy. If you want to learn more, then please check out my ebook How to Lose Weight with the Asian Diet, which will show you everything you need to know. Until next time, I wish you good dieting and good health!

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